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Tamil Brahmi Script Found in Egypt

Posted by Stephen Knapp on April 10, 2008

 QUSEIR-AL-QADIM, EGYPT, February 20, 2008: A broken storage jar with inscriptions in an ancient form of Tamil script, dated to the first century BCE., has been excavated in Egypt.

Dr. Roberta Tomber, a pottery specialist at the British Museum, London, identified the fragmentary vessel as a storage jar made in India. Iravatham Mahadevan, a specialist in Tamil epigraphy, has confirmed that the inscription on the jar is in Tamil written in the Tamil Brahmi script of about the first century.

Earlier excavations at this site about 30 years ago yielded two pottery inscriptions in Tamil Brahmi from the same era. Additionally, a pottery inscription was found in 1995 at Berenike, a Roman settlement of the Red Sea coast of Egypt. These discoveries proved material evidence to corroborate the literary accounts by classical Western authors and the Tamil Sangam poets about the flourishing trade between the India and Rome, via the Red Sea ports, in the early centuries CE.

3 Responses to “Tamil Brahmi Script Found in Egypt”

  1. Dr Bhudia Kutch Science Foundation said

    KING RAMESIS and Queen SITARE !!
    Queen Dynesty and name MATARE !!
    EGYPT’ sOriginal name was MUDRAYA !!! not Egypt
    Recently No one Visited MARUDA TAKKAR since the area is under the border safety control, but 15000 years older than that of Dholavira !! Ancient port – map available is the world’s oldest port in the RANN of the Kutch in India. Which suggest that, MARUDA TAKKAR was the oldest origin of the civilisation in the world.

    Awaiting for the research from the ASI research team work. They used typical boat to move all over the world by River water channels and Sea, as Dholavira, Indus, haraapan and Egyptian used. So we see similar Boat symbol, which is common in those civilisations.

    Civilisations Navigated by Ancient BOATS and astronomical Compass. So Boat symbol remained common for those civilisations, e.g. Kutch Saraswati civilisation, Egypt and Indus as well.

    Though western and Egyptian archaeological researchers hide many information regarding those facts or do not agree. Or manipulates the in formations. Include Egypt as well as the Egypt itself is suggestive, Egypt’s Original NAME was MUDRAYA.

    MUDRAYA name itself suggestive what it means. If any doubts can be cleared with the Linguistic study. name from an ancient Avestha/ Old Persian derived from SANSKRIT. Decoding of Egyptian and OLD PERSIAN AVESTAN languages are available for reference from the reference library. Including ATHARVAN ZARATHUSHTRA (also OLD Persian used atharveda -ATHARVAN ZARATHUSHTRA)

    ALSO Egyptians worshiped Sun GOD (SURYA), Cows as mother of Gods (KAMDHENU), Snake (NAAG DEVA), Eagle – (GARUDA), Kings Ramses and king dynasty of RAMESIS, Queen of the EGYPTIAN KING RAMESIS first was SITARE ,

    Queen Matare (MATA) from maternal queen dynasty. Queen HATSHEPSUT = HAsT kSHEP SUT – has missing phonatic half letter which is not understood by non phonatic languages like arabic/ egyptian/latins

    And also Symbolic language used in MUDRAYA – EGYPT is not equvelent to PHONATIC language. Queen HATSHEPSUT / HAsT kSHEP SUT it self suggestive that she was aginst King dynasty and she used the beard and become the Queen of the Egypt.

    IT interptuted (HAsT kSHEP =HATSHEP) the ruling by King dynasty. and she was not the SUT (SON). Now the name of the queen itself becomes suggestive that Queen HATSHEPSUT = HAsT kSHEP SUT.

    Ancient Languages SANSKRIT, Old PERSIAN language AVESTHA is similar to SANSKRIT and believed derived from Sanskrit. Decoding is available for the reference form the reference library for the ancient Avestha /Old Persian language which was derived from SANSKRIT.

    Decoding of Egyptian and OLD PERSIAN AVESTAN languages are available for reference from the reference library. Including ATHARVAN ZARATHUSHTRA (also OLD Persian used Atharva veda -ATHARVAN ZARATHUSHTRA)

    European Hippies /GIPO believe them selves as original Indian of origin, and also worship STONEHENGE as their worship place as they originated from India and bought Astronomical aspect

    For the Investigation purpose a trench is underway since 1st April2008 for 2weeks investigations. And if truth is not covered up as usual then findings of ancient potteries and the writing and design will prove the fact.

    ESKIMOES – believed to be originated from indian of the AMERICAN origin but now that truth has come out to be original ASIANS – not americans – proven with MATERNAL Mitochondrial genetic study.

    Mitochondrial genetic DNA are the original source of Mother and transmitted from generations to generations from mothers . and Without mother generations do not go on. we can get paternal genes , DNA from any sourse but Mother is always required. that can not be changed.

    Nothing will grow in space – One need the Mother first even in the space if wish to grow. even to germinate seed one has to take earthern material and water to the space to germinate any thing in the space.

    Prehistoric Hair Suggests 1st Eskimos Came From Asia
    for National Geographic News May 29, 2008

    A clump of frozen human hair from northwest Greenland suggests that the first Eskimos in the New World did not descend from Native Americans as previously thought but came directly from Asia, a new study says. Furthermore, these pioneer settlers of the far north later died out and did not give rise to the Inuit living in Greenland today.

    The research is based on DNA analysis of ancient hair from a so-called Paleo-Eskimo, which was found preserved in permafrost soil in the Disco Bay area in the 1980s.

    The hair, which belonged to a male who lived some 4,000 years ago, has provided the first ever complete mitochondrial genome for an ancient human, according to a team led by Tom Gilbert of the Center for Ancient Genetics at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Mitochondrial DNA is passed down from mother to child and thus gives a genetic marker to an individual’s maternal ancestry.

    In the ancient Greenland Eskimo’s case, his hair revealed that his people came from Siberia, the study found.

    The Paleo-Eskimo’s genetic relatives survive today only in small pockets in north-eastern Siberia and the Aleutian Islands, which stretch across the Bering Sea from Alaska to Russia, Gilbert said. (See a map of the islands.)

    Challenging Theories

    Previously, there were two main theories to explain the ancestry of the first Eskimos in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland, Gilbert said.

    The theories held that they either descended from Native Americans who colonized North America at least 14,350 years ago, or they came from the same source area in Siberia that gave rise to modern Eskimos, such as those who have lived in Greenland for the past 1,000 years.

    ‘Then there is a third idea that they were independent to both—and that’s what it turns out to be,’ Gilbert said.

    The new research, which appears tomorrow in the journal Science, suggests that the original Paleo-Eskimos of the New World were replaced by later colonizers, who spread eastward from Siberia.

    Civilisation moved from Kutch MARUDA port to Middle East, to Mesopotamia and Egypt and to Europe, and from Europe to American continent, Across Atlantic MEXICO, Peru brazil Amazon etc.

    People move from one area to other area but they carry on their farming and weaving techniques and so Egyptians do similar farming and cattle farming as well. Common thing for the civilisation in farming and weaving techniques carried with them where ever they go.

    RED Indians / Egyptians all used similar techniques for farming and weaving as indo Sarasvati civilisation used.

    Red Indians are original Indians and they carry on their farming techniques they brought with them since then. Including traditional flowers of MERRY GOLD flower used for every holy purpose And to the ancestors.

    MAYA and Mayan books of Mexico suggest that Indian crossed the Atlantic from Europe and lived in Mexican caves before 20000 years ago. Decoding is available – books original information are available for reference form the reference library. Including MAYAN CODOSIS and decoding Mayan language.

    Forwarded By Dr.BHUDIA-Science Group Of INDIA.

    President:’Kutch Science Foundation’.
    Founder :’Kutch Amateurs Astronomers Club – Bhuj – Kutch’.
    Life Member:’kutch Itihaas Parishad’.

    Do visit our ABOVE Clubs/Groups of Science club of India, Science Group of India

  2. Clifford said

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    give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts.

    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the
    same topics? Thank you!

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